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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Yay! New toy! :)

I just came back home from christmas shopping. Woo-hoo, the hardest thing to do in the whole winter is left behind! :) I don't mean that i don't like christmas shopping at all, i just can't find almost anything i could buy for presents. i don't want it to be totaly boring (but highly usable, of course, like some completely ordinary school notebook and the cheapest pencil i can find), nor just beautiful but not usable at all (like some decorative stuff that are really wonderful to see it in the display windows but are useful more or less for keeping evidence of how long you haven't cleaned the dust in your room), neither something you find stunning but they won't really like (as if i bought a poetry book to my dad, everything he'd ever see would probably be the covers of it. he's a great dad, he's just not into poetry and that kind of stuf as i am) or something that could be really lots of fun but you find stupid (like buying a fart cushion, for example). so i spent almost whole morning looking for the "perfect" gifts for my sister and my dad (and sister's gonna buy christmas presents for me and my mum, it's our (my and sister's) deal - parents give us something for Saint Nicholas and we prepare something and put it under the christmastree). and i, finally, got it. i bought my sister a book about the massage (she's really into it and it''s relly nice to support her, especially because she needs someone to practice on and most of the time when we're both home i'm that victim. so actually, that's a bit selfish present, i guess. but she'll gonna like it, i'm sure about that.), some really cute plush toy (monstaaaar with huge eyes and lips, it's really cute :)).

it looks like that two on the picture, it's black with smal dots in all colours of the world on it :)
plus some chocolate, that's something you can't forget when buying s gift. at least i think so. well, for dad - i was thinking quite a long time what to buy for him, because i didn't have any idea at all. but then i went to some little more "elite" shop and buy a bottle of some spanish wine (i don't know almost anything about the wined (except that mulled wine is one of the best things i've ever kntried) so i asked some seller for advice what to buy for someone, who likes to try something new and not so ordinary, plust that it's price is within student's reach. and i decided to trust her, we'll see what dad's opinion will be.) and a gift package of truffles products (i think there're three different kinds in it), because he likes to cook very much and i know he also likes truffles. he could make a perfect chef carier, i swear he could. it's just that he's stubborn enough that he'll never try cooking in some ordinary restaurant, but in some very high rated restaurant with little meals, like the elite ones, you know. he'd be the best. and i still regret buying him an office chair for his 50th birthday. it's a really good chair and it was really expensive and it's really useful, especially because of his back that hurts him really badly somethimes and this chair is made in way that it's good for your back. but if i think again, i'll find some restaurant or a cooking course with some known chefs. i bet he'll love it.

and, while buying all kinds of stuff for everyone, i couldn't stay away from buying something for myself too. i bought myself a new toy. a puzzle, some kind of IQ-tests.
so, i put it out of the box and take to pieces, easy-peasy. but ...
... how the hell can you put this back to the puzzle together!? No way, i've been trying for about an hout, but gave up. for now, of course, i'd never let some wooden puzzle to win a battle :) i'll put it back together, i will! i think i'm taking it to the lectures with me, maybe it's gonna me boring. or maybe i'll get illuminated, hehe.

Comparative poetry and our grouchy professor, here i come.

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