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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

christmas cards :)

Well, the Princes Charming list didn't made my dream last night, what a shame :( but i was sleeping so nice and deeply until 12 that i started to think if it had any psychological effect on me ;)

today i finally made all the christmas cards for friends. they're quite small, blue, with houses with yellow windows on them. and it's snowing, of course. they're really beautiful, at least i think so, and i don't want just to compliment myself. on the back there's written a short song about winter i wrote by myself and under it, there i wrote some personal message for everybody. short, but it's personally, which i really like. opposite of that buyed christmas cards (and then you got three exactly same looking) in which people write "happy new year". or it's maybe allready written in it and you just put your signature down. oh, how i hate those cards, there's so nothing personal about them and people send them just because it's christmas and they feel that they have to send something. i don't say it's not nice that they remembered me and send me one, but - please, can't you write something down yourself? i don't claim for shakespeare's sonnets, for gods sake, it's only few words you write to somebody who means something to you. it shouldn't be so difficult to take few minutes for them once in a year, huh?
well, i finished them all today. i'll sent them to my ex-schoolmates, some friends i haven't seen for quite a long time, and to three professors from my secondary school that were, no doubt, relly the best the one can get and with whom we became good friends. one of them is my sports teacher, who always called me with a nickname he made up for myself. i was the only girl in his sports class who trained something, and i'll never forget how he came to me every time we'd got sports and chat with me about it; he always asked me how did the match go that weekend, how much did i scored, how did we play, and then he gave me numerous advice how to play and be the best. i think he really belived in me, even more then i did/do. and he was always fooling around and making fun out of us. he once tell me this: "being a sports teacher for girls is like sci-fi." he wasn't that wrong, though. the other two professors i wrote to were my language teachers. i loved that suject and always wrote some poems and was really great, especially in essay writing, and we made at some projects together and so on ... they're both really great women, i miss them both, or better said, i miss them all, all free of them.
i also wrote one card to him. i was in quite a dilemma if do so or not, but then i said to myself - if you write to some ex-schoolmate you haven't seen from the end of the school and was only your schoolmate and nothing more, no specially good friend or something, but just someone you spend nice grammarschool times with, why woudn't you write to a guy, that was a bit more then just a friend to you once (and still is, to be sincere), and whit whom you spend some of them most beautiful time of your life that you'll never forget? so i did it. and i wrote down, below the text, a p.s.: "if you get bored, they've got really good caco there in the city centre :)". i like that version of invitation the most of all, also better then the "chat-plan". so i'm taking the cards to the post tomorrow. yay! :)
tonight i'm going out, i just can't wait! i arranged with some of my basketball co-players. that's gonna be really awesome end of 2010 "living in the capital". today i went to the practice too, finally after quite a long time. i've got lectures almost every day in the evening, so i can't go, but today i had time. it was great to have ball in my hands again, and the practice was really great. we didn't do any practice, we just played five on five. with a trainer, so there was 10 of us. i still don't know if i like him or not, sometimes he seems cool guy, but other time i really want to push his head into the toilet and hold it in it while kicking his ass really, really much. that would be the most splendid and unforgetable moment of my life. when he just became a trainer, that was five years ago, he was really great one, we were also good friends and we talked and all. but now, through years, he became really high. he doesn't even chat with us anymore and he acts like he's so much more and so much better, because he's our -

oh, i just got a call, i got to go. let's party!!! :) :) :)

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