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Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Princess Diary rules. It could just learn my life how to use happy ends too.

I'm lost somewhere in the lost feeling again. I should probably thank for that the english version of The Princess Diaries i just finished reading. Gosh, I'm so never gonna read that stuff again! I swear, it' just driving me crazy! All right, i know that also the fact a 19-years-old student reads that childish books isn't really not-weird at all, but anyway. It's so much better than Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings put together! Except that they don't left you all desperated, frustrated, depressed and full of my-life-really-do-sucks-feeling when you end with the reading (but, most likely, just adoring the fact there're no Lord Voldemorts hanging around your house, luckily). Which give them not so little amount of bonus points compared to The Princess Diary. But anyway, all that doesn't really have sense, because i'm very well aware of the fact i'm gonna read the whole series again, as soon as i got time (and they're available at the local library. it seems i'm not the only fan of it, althought i'm possibly the only one who is, at least officialy, adult). Yes, i know i'm weird, i've tried changing that fact a millon times but it doesn't get any better, so i better put myself up with all my weirdness i guess. Uh, of course, why does that girly-looking childish book with silver covers, crowns all around and a big pink (!, i hate pink!) title on it such a huge impact on me? firstly, because it's exactly about the stuff happening in every girl's life (if you're a girl/woman reading that and you put an ironic smile on, while shaking with your head and thinking "that one really IS nuts", try reading it. if you don't find anything familiar in a single book, lucky you, you probably have the most perfect life one can imagine, with no troubles, embarassing situations or love problems. or, in other way, your life maybe sucks. who knows.). exactly about the stuff happening in MY life. and while reading the book, transformed to a real bookworm, unaware of the world around me till i finish the last page, i just exactly know how Mia (for everyone who doesn't know it, that's the girl writing all that stuff down in her diary) feels and i can easily connect almost every character of the book with someone in my realy life. which, in fact, isn't really a big deal, we all have best friends, boyfriends, the ones we have a crush one, parents and little brothers all around us, right? but, anyway, it makes you (me) feel so good. maybe the fact that i'm not the only person in the whole universe who's got troubles (which i of course know i'm not, but sometimes i just feel like it) and whose love life completely sucks at the time (probably depends on who you ask, but from my view, that's exatly how the things are) and who doesn't know what is the right thing to do at any single moment. Thanks, Mia, thank you Meg Cabot, i think you're one of the best psychotherapists i could get (along with Jacqueline Wilson, probably). Oh, yes, you probably wonder why all that talking about being "desperated, frustrated, depressed and full of my-life-really-do-sucks-feeling" while ending the book. you know, happy ends. i still haven't really decided whether i like them or not. probably depends on what mood i'm in. but, anyway, today i was in THAT kind of mood that that happy ending really made me ... feeling really bad about my life. can i get one finally, for god's sake!? and the only one person who really opposed to my happy-end-hate finally led the things to something, which wasn't really like one. not at all. thank you, anyway, now i'm much bigger fan of happy endings, though. well, just right after finishing that book i got that really weird feeling (i got sometimes out of nowhere and which i, actually, don't really like because at that time i feel like doing really crazy stuff, like calling someone i once used to date (and who was, what a coincidence, the huge happy-ends-fan) which is the last thing on the planet i want to do and i have no ideal what i'd say to him at all, i just feel like going back to those times and through all beautiful moments again, although i know there's not even a tiny little chance for that, but, as i said, there's just that totaly weird feeling that if every book or film can have a happy ending, why couldn't i. we. whatever. i think i got lost into some lousy babbling. oh, gosh, i really did, reading it all over again. it'll probably be the best thing i can do at the moment closing that stuff and going to sleep. or at least, trying to get some sleep, because ... eh, forget about it. i'm not gonna get lost again.)

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