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Monday, 27 December 2010

One reazon more why i really hate facebook. he's also male, isn't he?

i came home today and signed into fb. like i do almost every day, for some years now. and for last half of year some wicked fb statistic settings or whatever they are, really are trying to make me mad. they're popping up on the top of the hot news list his profile picture and every damn thing he did. as if i cared! as if i cared how he comments all the stupid pictures and statuses with his goofy dumb comments, as if i cared how he studies his damn anatomy or whatever, as if i cared that he's going skiing tomorrow (yes, as i wanted to do, but i'm so not gonna be at the same ski resort as he!), as if i cared how he's gonna spend new year with two of her  ohhh sooo good girlfriends and as if i cared how he phoned to her and she didn't pick up the phone and as if i cared anything! anything about him, you damned men asshole, can't you just simply get out of my life and never come back again, because i really don't want to know any of the things, listed above, and i so don't care or i just wish i wouldn't care but i still do so damn much! how dare you comment my status after all you did to me at all!? or after all the things you didn't do. oh yes, i know, it's so easy to be a jack and make all that sweet promises, but then - just disappear, without making any of them true, without telling me only one reason, without anything! how dare you, and how dare that stupid facebook show me all your sweet comments with all those girls as they bring back so many memories of the times, when you were commenting my statuses like this and when everything seemed to be so nice and perfect!? you liar, how much of those nice words was true, do i really want to know that, what do you think!? yes, be cool and have a girl who loves you, have her for some evenings, have her to release all your perverse men fantasies, have her to try how can you manipulate with someone, have her to see how someone blindly adores you while you're laughing how stupid she is to believe all those made up things, yes, just do! oh, how much do i want to repeat all those things again, yes, but with turned roles. that time you'd be the one who'd believe and i would be the one, who'd exploit you and then just leave you alone, longing for more of me. oh, how badly i want to do that, to make you feel everything i do, to make you go through all those days i went, to spend all those nights without sleeping, suffer, oh yes, suffer! i'm not that kind of person to wish anything bad to anybody, but he - i'm really sorry, but he's a different story. noone has ever done anything like that to me. made me to feel so close and beloved and then pretend like anything had ever happened, like i'm nothing, like there never was anything. oh, you men! how can you be like that? haven't you any conscience? haven't you any pride at all?

i guess not.

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