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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Was mehr auf der ganzen Welt ein Mädchen wollen kann? (except not having to write a german test in the morning)

I just came back "home" from the great evening i had with my girls. i said "home" because it's not actually my home, it's just an appartment i rent in the capital where i live when studying. well, we were at the movies. i really havent been to the cinema quite a long time. i mean to that commercial version of it, i've been watching some movies on the big screen on two film festivals, but those movies were for completely different. more meaningful and less hollywood (maybe better if i say not hollywood at all) and - you know, independent movies that're never gonna earn millions of dollars and have millions of crying fans. but they touch you, they really do. well, the movie we watched today was more for fun, for the girls' soul. romantic drama/comedy, of course, what else could you expect when five girls decide to go to the cinema? a horror movie? (all right, except if there's Johnny Depp or Gabriel Macht starring in it, but that're special cases). Life As We Know It. Liked it very much. We all did. It was a really nice mixture of drama and comedy so it wasn't too serious but even not something without any message, made only to make people laugh. and it had happy end and it didn't make me feel bad. not at all. until i was left alone again, but that's another story. i love my friends. i love those moments we take for ourself, like today, going to the cinema, eating enormous portions of popcorn (most likely before the trailers for upcoming movies even end and the movie starts), of course accompanied with coca-cola (if we're eating junk food allready, why not lots of it - you know, little of junk food or some more of junk food, anyway you look at that, it's still junk food anyway), facebook statuses (facebook geeks, sorry), crazy ideas and laughing (evethough without any reason). when with them, i just can't be thinking all sort of weird things and chew them again in my mind, i just forget everything about love problems (i think i'm a bit obssessed with them. maybe not just a bit.), everything becomes so easy and unimportant. boys? eh, just one more reason for laughter.
now i'm back home. sitting in the kitchen with my laptop on and with a big cup of hot cacao. mmm ... Was mehr auf der ganzen Welt ein Mädchen wollen kann? (hope that's right way to write it, if it's not i think i'm gonna find out quite soon). i'm writind a german test tomorrow. Yea yea! and i don't really have a good feeling about it. i mean, i read though the stuff once, and i remember it quite well from secondary school (i was already learning german there for four years, so begining form the basics as we do on the faculty should't be such a huge problem for me) so i think it'll go. i hope it will. but anyway, i'll have to put more enery and time into studying, if i count all hours i used it for studying from october on, i wouldn't get any number that'll give me good feeling, not at all. i hate myself for being that lazy and putting things off until the last days, but i just don't want to change it enough to start doing it in a different way. i mean, i want to change things for the better, but i'm just kind of waiting for things to change on their own, without me putting any effort in it. which, of course, is not going to happen. i should finally realise that. Well, if i repeat all the knowledge i think i will need tomorrow (and i hope that's really all, becaue if i see any vocabulary excercises in a test, i'm done): W: die, der, der, die. M: der, des, dem, den. N: das, des, dem, des. Pl: die, der, den, die. Personalpronouns - Dativ: mir, dir, ihr, ihm, ihm, uns, euch, ihnen, Ihnen. Akkusativ: mich, dich, sie, ihn, es, uns, euch, sie, Sie. Reflexivepronouns: when with noun, use Akk. when without, use Dat. well, in Dat.: mir, dir, sich, sich, sich, uns, euch, ihnen, Ihnen. Akk.: mich, dich, sie, sie, sie, uns, euch, ihnen, Ihnen. Prepositions used only with Dativ: we used to call it "WUFDOG" in grammar school, a world made of intials of every preposition. i remember über, für, ohne, gegen, gegemüber, but i've got no idea what W and D stands for. CHECK IT! Prepositions for Akkusativ: auf, bei, mit, nach, seit, von, zu. i think i'll know it even if you wake me up at four a.m. in the morning drunk as a camel. you ask for Dat. WO, and for Akk. WOHIN - that helps when you have prepositions that can go with both of them. we also had some weird word for them (the same story as "wufdog"), i think it was called "waserkamel" or something like that. whatever, all the prepositions connected with some place. Untrennbare Verben: be-, ent-, emp-, ge-, ver-, and something more, i'll know if i see them. Modalverben: müssen (muss), können (kann), dürfen (darf), wollen (will), sollen (soll), mögen (mag), möchten (the same), i think that's all of them. anything else? No! i dare to say i'm ready for my german test tomorrow. probably being a bit optimistic because i had to help with some grammar websites a little to write all those pronouns down correctly, but maybe i'll memorise them now. cheating has never done no harm :)
oh, and Imperativ (realising that's when you order someone to do something).
saying it to myself: Geh schlafen!
saying it to everyone who's not sleeping at the moment, including me: Gehen wir schlafen!
saying it to everyone who's not sleeping at the moment while i'm already pretending to be asleep: Geht schlafen!
saying it to president or someone respect: Gehen Sie schlafen, bitte!
And now i'm gonna pretend to be a really good girl and listen to myself ordering me to go sleep in german. and go to sleep. it's 2 a.m. after all! oh, who's gonna wake me up tomorrow (oups, today morning) at 7? poor me!

well, i might have some romantic drama/comedy happy ending dreams tonight, if i'll have enough time to make everything up at all. in german, if possible. with a really cute guy using all those german cases and pronouns and (un)trennbare Verben i should now tomorrow. and i - i will use Imperativ. Küss mir

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