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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The list of the hottest princes Charming or trying to make some potential for sweet dreams.

well, i'm back. thank god for that genious, that invented the microvawe. our perfect electirc hot plate would probably warm my milk nothing sooner then at 7 in the morning.

i decided to make myself a list of partners which wouldn't be really unwelcome in my dreams. or in reality, i also wouldn't mind that at all.

well, the list of hottest princes charming (not necessary in that order):

#1: Gabriel Macht; with a hat, if possible
(more time i spent looking at that picture, more i'm thinking about the huge similarity with my ex-sports teacher. is there anything i should know!?)

#2: Ashton Kutcher

#3: Rupert Grint

#4: my ex-movie-workshop-leader; dark brown eyes, smile that makes you unable to breath, the right "amount" of muscles, good looking, fun ... mmm :)

#5: Colin Firth

#6: Johnny Depp

#7: Walker Howard

#8: Matthew McConazghey in his best years

#9: Bradley Cooper

#10: Ben Affleck

#11: Tony Parker

#12: Gerard Butler

#13: Boštjan Nachbar, basketball player

Let's try if it's gonna work.
Sweet dreams, I'm ready!

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